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The Scottish–American Military Society (SAMS) was founded and chartered in North Carolina, April 12, 1981, as a non-profit organization with the following purpose:

    “To preserve and promote Scottish and American Armed Forces customs, traditions, and heritage”, by:

The Crest Badge of SAMS

    The Society was founded as a veterans organization.    The membership is composed primarily of veterans of Scottish ancestry who have served –– or are serving –– in the Armed Forces of the United States and the Commonwealth.    If you support the purposes shown above, we would welcome your membership if you qualify.    Membership is open to honorably discharged veterans or active duty or reserve military persons who have served or are serving with any branch of the United States or Commonwealth Armed Forces.

SAMS: A 31 Year History

Honorary life memberships are given to members who have been awarded the Medal of Honor or the Victoria Cross.
See the membership page for more details...

Appropriate uniform for members while representing S-A.M.S.:

Please download the S-A.M.S. Dress Code for a more detailed explaination of the appropriate uniform.

    SAMS, also known as SAMS-OWN produces a quarterly journal.  The Patriot is full of interesting articles and photos about military and veterans activities –– especially those relating to Scottish and American armed forces customs, traditions and heritage.

We have provided a copy of our Charter and ByLaws for your perusal.  Warning, the ByLaws is a large file.

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