S.A.M.S. On Parade & In the News

Post 1860 jeep at the Charleston Veteran’s Day Parade

1860 PC Kevin Smith piping at the Summerville Veteran’s Day ceremony

Top:    Post 1824, Ozark Mountain Games, 21 Oct.
L-R: Todd Wilkinson and Jonathan (St Andrews Society) Minuen Odom, Bob Lanning, and Sharon Ponzer (VC Patton's Better Half).’
Above:    Post 1824 Southwest MO Celtic Festival and Games L-R: VC Howard Patton, QM Bob Lanning, and PC Mike Gibbens.

Post 7. Veterans Day parade in Savannah.
L-R: Jim Vejar, Ed Erskine, Gary Yates, and Walter Harper.

October, Scotland. 1739 PC Eric Ferguson (left) with Curt Gomer (right) in uniform at the Culloden Battlefield in Scotland

Longs Peak Games 9 Sept. SAMS Medal presentation.
L-R: 1806 PC John Russell, Young Marine Jorge Garcia, Young Marine Dominick Herrick, 100 PC Roy Poole. The two Young Marines filled out our Duty Color Guard.

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