Commander’s Call & National Reports 

From the Commander     When a ship is correctly designed and all inherent weights and appurtenances are properly distributed throughout its mass it does not guarantee that the ship will sail on an even keel in a calm sea. Weather, for discussion purpose, is discounted.

    The USS SAMS, as designed by its bylaws and reinforced by its regulations cannot sail without sufficient ballast (net worth) or weaponry (cash flow). As a not for profit corporation it should be considered remarkable when such a group operates without deficit (and resultant debt). Our latest year, fiscal 2017, has ended, once again, with a balanced annual budget. The dues increase, effective this fiscal 2018 year, should be sufficient to produce positive operating funds and satisfy the continued operative method of publishing the Patriot. Regulation 4:00-2 restricts transfer of life funds below the factored thirty (formerly forty) percent level which further temporarily burdens the operating account. As the 3MD value increases that particular burden will vanish. Note that the 3MD is not an expense but simply a guide to the preservation of a long term adequate life fund for support of surviving life fund members. A previous motion to create professional advice specific to internal growth of life funds failed. Would a reconfigured motion to accomplish succeed?

    The annual meeting has accomplished the appointment of officers for the coming calendar 2018/2019 terms of office. The National Adjutant report, elsewhere in this issue of the Patriot, will provide the details. Standing committee chairs are also in place. Of a special note, the council has approved a motion to designate Mr. Charles R Rogers (Chuck) as Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant RQMS in appreciation of his eighteen years of service in the demanding office of National Quartermaster. Certificate of award is also issued. The continuance of the office of Quartermaster has been satisfied by the appointment of Doris Anderson. Term limits do not apply.

policy will necessarily be put before council during mid-year when extrapolation is more accurately targeted. Some form of adjustment to the provision of the Patriot to the membership is anticipated.     Regional Commands, with oversight and advice, along with Post Commands should maintain a close relationship with their copies of society bylaws AND regulations including the book of regulations. The book of regulations is simply an index of currently, in effect, council approved remedial additions to the bylaws subject to an eventual formal ratification (or not) by the full membership. This office recommends that a ratification process take place in the near future to empty the book by updating the current issue (2010) of the bylaws.

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