Commander’s Call & National Reports 

From the Commander     During an earlier day, there came a question from one of our coastal Post commands, concerning the meaning of “book of regulations”. Said query was legitimate in that the “book” was, at the time, a newly constituted abbreviated synonym being used as an attempt to simplify the general understanding of what many consider mysterious writings of our corporate rules of operation. The “book” currently consists of eleven, board of directors (the council), approved amendments a/o addendums to the governmental processes of our society. Said count can be expanded by future actions of the council OR reduced by a process of ratification by the full membership. Most motions put before council are classified as of a routine matter requiring only executive committee action. Motions that affect the wording of our bylaws AND are identified as a regulation, when approved by council, are then added to the book. Algorithm founded motions, because of their multiple assumptions and largely fixed nature, are not allowed to move before council. Reduction of “book” count is highly recommended when the number of legal regulations becomes undisciplined or too numerous. That cluster is individually cited and put before the entire membership for their up or down ratification by a super majority. While the down cited are abolished the up cited are absorbed into the bylaws for its next updated issuance (20xx).

    Any reference to our bylaws is incomplete without the added words “and regulations”. National command must soon decide whether to allow the further growth of the content of the book of regulations for the action of some future command OR to pursue the ratification process currently described in our bylaws. If council approves the pursuit of ratification a separate detailed summary of each regulation will be provided to the full membership for individual yes or no vote. The summarized outcome of membership ratification would result in a revised issue of the bylaws (with zero regulations). The current standing regulations do not conflict with corporate charter

    The book of regulations would remain as a governing tool but then be populated going forward.

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