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National Officers Councelors  

      Tim Cooke
      T: 360-825-9190
      E-mail: Commander

National Vice-Commander:
      Jeremy Paul
      T: 303-699-6079
      C: 303-903-8259
      E-mail: Vice-Commander

National Adjutant:
      Goerge Shoemaker
      H: 928-607-1600
      E-mail: National Adjutant

      Robert Anderson
      H:   303-663-3858
      E-mail: Comptroller

Assistant National Adjutant/Comptroller:
      Mike Gibbens
      H:  573-426-3385
      E-mail: Assistant National Adjutant/Comptroller

Douglas Kenyon
T: 831-763-0543
E-Mail: Counselor

Fran McVey
T: 408-238-6050

James Rairdon
T: 303-220-1981
E-Mail: Counselor

T: 781-272-5365
E-Mail: Counselor

Hugh Pries
T: 563-359-9621
E-Mail: Counselor

Alfred MacDonald
T: 813-486-6593

Staff & Committees
Judge Advocate:
      William Boswell
      T: 412-999-8008
      E-mail:  Judge Advocate

      Charles R. Rogers
      T: 912-369-2309
      E-mail: Quartermaster

Public Relations Officer
      Ernest W. Rimrodt
      T: 319-366-5372
      E-mail: Public Relations Officer

Liaison National Tartan Day:
    Martha Walls
    T: 410-643-7073
    E-mail: Liaison National Tartan Day Org

      Greg Walsh
      T: 360-943-8837
      E-mail: Webmaster

Contributing Editors

Editor; The Patriot:
      Glen Rountree
      E-mail: Editor; The Patriot

Editor; Military Affairs:
      Robert C. Whitten
      T: 408-252-9213
      E-mail: Editor; Military Affairs

Editor: Front Line Reports
      Chuck Jamison
      T: 916-989-3953
      E-mail: Veteran Piping Support

Editor: Scots & Scotch-Irish History:
      Zachary T. Arnold
      E-mail: Editor: Scots & Scotch-Irish History

Budget/Finance Committee:
      Robert Anderson
      H   303-663-3858
      E-mail: Comptroller

By-Laws Committee Chair:

Nominating Committee:
      H.J. Farquharson
      T: 781-272-5365
      E-mail: Nominating Committee Chair

Membership Committee Chair:
      Doug Kenyon
      E-mail: Chair, Membership Committee

      Sara Frazer
      T: 865-588-6098
      E-mail: Parliamentarian

Awards Committee Chair:
      Donald Clement
      T: 314-781-0620
      E-mail: Missouri Valley
Regions Posts (By Region)
Links to individual Post web sites are the Post number
Posts (By Region)
Links to individual Post web sites are the Post number
#1:  North East  (NY-VT-NH-ME):
John Hart
T: 518-643-2799
E-mail: Northeast

#2:  S. New England   (MA-CT-RI):
John Killian
T: 617-269-1061
E-mail: New England

#3:    (NJ, PA):

#4:  Mid Atlantic   (DE, MD, VA)
Ralph Wallace
Cell: 571-643-4064
E-mail: Mid Atlantic

#5:  South Atlantic   (NC, SC, GA)
George Hay
T: 704-942-4918 (Cell)
E-mail: South Atlantic

#6:  Gulf States  (FL, AL, MS, LA)
Charlie Kehm
T: 863-983-8458
E-Mail:Gulf States

#7:  Great Lakes(MI, OH, IN, WV)
Steven Smith;
T: 586-566-7477
Cell: 586-980-7702
E-mail: Great Lakes

#8:  Dakota Region (NE, ND, SD)
E-mail: Dakota

#9:  Hawkeye Vally (IA, No. IL, MN, WI
Bill Lauchlan
T: 319-573-1616
E-mail: Mohawk Valley

#10:  Missouri Valley - (So. IL., MO., KS.)
Donald Clement
T: 314-781-0620
E-mail: Missouri Valley

#11:  TVA Valley - (KY., TN., AR.)
W. James Frazer
T: 865-922-3790
E-mail: TN Valley

Aide to Tennessee Valley -
John Byington
T: 423-357-5760
E-mail: Aide-TN Valley

#12 - Texas
Bill Stevens,
T: 817-244-1078
E-mail: Texas

#13 - Mountain   (CO, NM. MT.)
Margaret Rothermel
T: 720-581-8684
E-mail: Mountain

#14 - Southwest (AZ, S.NV., UT.)
William Redpath
T: 623-556-9741
E-mail: Southwest

#15 - Northwest - (WA, OR, ID, AK)
Jim Ellrod
T: 360-779-8219
E-mail: Northwest Region -->

#16 - West (CA, HI, No. NV.
Fran McVey
T: 408-238-6050
E-mail: California, Hawaii, No. Nevada

Eastern U.S.:

   Post 0001, Philadelphia PA
      Blair C. Stonier
      T: 610-649-4144
      E-mail: Post 0001

    Post 0002, Baltimore/ DC
      Ralph Wallace
      Cell: 571-643-4064
      E-mail: Mid Atlantic

   Post 0075, W. MA, W. CN.
      Bill Wolf
      T: 315-353-2706
      Email: Post 0075

   Post 1776, New England
      John Hart RC 2 POC
      T: 518-643-2799
      E-Mail: Post 1776

   Post 1812, Southeastern New England (RI., E. MA, E. CT.)
      T: (781)272 5365
      Fax: (781)272 5365
      E-mail: Post 1812

South Eastern U.S.:

   Post 0007, Savannah GA
      George Henry
      T: 912-667-2816
      E-mail: Post 0007

   Post 0076, Yorktown, VA.
      David "Pappy" Hufton
      T: 757 329 5586
      Email: Post 0076

   Post 0116, Roanoke, VA
      Edward J. Scott
      T: 540-309-7101
      E-Mail: Post 0116

   Post 328, Knoxville TN
      James Kepley
      T: 865-681-6748
      E-mail: Post 328

   Post 1775 N. & S. Carolina
      Ed Toney
      C: 704-905-4249
      E-mail: Post 1775

   Post 1943, Memphis, TN
      Tom Williams
      T: 901-274-0460
      E-mail: Post 1943

   Post 131, Jacksonville, Florida
      SAMS Admiral Buchanan Post 131
      Bruce Gervin, Sr.
      T: 904-616-7181
      Email: Post 131

   Post 1952, Central Florida
      John Bain
      T: 813-967-3150
      Email: Post 1952

   Post 0013 Georgia
      Lou Coroso
      T: 770-623-4498
      E-mail: Post 0013

   Post 1779, Orlando FL

Northern Midwest:

   Post 1821, St. Louis, MO.
      Sidney M. Boyer
      T: 636-947-8696
      E-mail: Post 1821

   Post 1846, State of Iowa
      Kevin O. Moore
      T: 563-940-2810
      E-mail: Post 1846

   Post 1848 , Wisconsin
      Robert Hunt
      T: 414-581-0866
      E-mail:Post 1848

   Post 1854, Wichita,KS
      Ron Marx
      T: 316-776-9353
      E-mail: Post 1854

   Post 1858 , Minnesota
      Robbie Bryant
      T: 218-687-2200
      E-mail: Post 1858

Great Lakes:

   Post 26, SE Michigan
      POC: O. Ivan Benedict
      T: 810-694-9903
      E-mail: Post 26

   Post 1813, Columbus OH
      Glenn Morrison
      T: 614-291-8147
      E-mail: Post 1813

   Cleveland, Ohio,
      Timothy Ryan
      T: 216-291-8750
      E-mail: Cleveland, Ohio

   South Dakota, Pending Post
      Wayne McAfee POC
      T: 605-673-2322
      E-mail: South Dakota

Southern Midwest:

   Post 1836, San Antonio
      James Elbert Bailey
      T: 210-779-0335
      E-mail: Post 1836

   Illinois, Chicago
      Roger Mills
      T: 217-476-8159
      E-mail: Illinios

   Post 1298, Central Texas
      George Shott

   Fort Worth/Dallas Texas, Post 1845
      William Stevens,
      T: 817-564-5395
      E-mail: Ft. Worth/Dallas

   South Texas,
      Kenneth Kalbon,
      T: 956-844-3751
      E-mail: South Texas


   Post 100, Colorado
      James Rairdon
      T: 303-220-1981
      E-mail: Post 100

   Post 1847, Salt Lake City, UT
      Kevan Crawford
      T: 801-554-0901
      E-mail: Post 1847


   Post 1912, New Mexico
      Jay S. Vandersloot,Jr (POC)
      T: 505-362-1733
      E-mail: Post 1912

   Post 48, Phoenix, AZ
      Al Kerstetter
      T: 602-997-0390
      E-mail: Post 48

   Post 777, Las Vegas, NV.
      Ed Gilmore
      T: 702-301-4080
      E-mail: Post 777

   Post 2000, Flagstaff, AZ.
      George Shoemaker
      T: 928-525-2754
      Email: Post 2000

   Post 1297, Prescott, AZ.
      Hap Lovejoy, Sr.
      T: 928-771-1824
      Email: Post 1297

    Post 81, Tucson, AZ.
      Bruce Culver
      Email: Post 81


   Post 10, Los Angeles, CA
      Gary G. Chambers
      T: 714-528-5219
      E-mail: Post 10

    Post 808, Hawaii, Provisional
      Sita Seery
      E-mail: Post 808

Pacific Northwest:

  Post 51, NorthWest WA.

  Post 55, Spokane, WA.
   Provisional    John Weiss
   T: 509-924-6525
   E-mail:Post 55

   Provisional Post, Idaho
      T. Ray Plumlee POC Boise, ID.
      T: 208-321-2653
      E-mail:Provisional Post

    Post 1852
    SW Washington & NW Oregon

      Robert E. Davis
      T: 360-703-4301
      E-mail: Post 1852

   Post 1864, Reno, NV
      George Tabor
      T: (775) 527-2499
      E-mail: Post 1864

   Post 1889, Seattle, WA
      Dennis Wright
      T: 253-209-1882
      E-mail: Post 1889

   Post 1921, Northern CA
      Tom Murdock
      T: 530-681-1252
      E-mail:   Post 1921

    Ketchikan, AK.
    Hunter Davis